Public spaces, English, and a couple

Adithya Venkatesan
3 min readDec 25, 2018

You can’t say that after 6 months of knowing me, Ravi

But it’s been only 6 months, that’s the point Neetu.

Sir, OTP 6341, Jayanagar janaa hei, location correct hei, navigation dal dheejeye.

Jayanagaraa? 4th block ok?

Yes sir, correct.

This cab is a bit stuffy, can we switch on the AC please.

Sir, AC dalo please.

You’ve always wanted to break-up, I just don’t understand why you had to prolong it for 6-fucking months.

Neetu, calm down, speak softly, i’m right here.

There you go again, diverting the subject.

I’M NOT. And I can’t decide to just marry you in 6 months. That’s preposterous. YOU aren’t wholly committed either.

Then why am I fighting this one? I’ve been monogomous all this while. I haven’t had sex with anyone else, not ever flirted.

Can you stop yelling, Neetu. We’re in a cab and there’s a… you know… driver.

He won’t understand our language, and there you go again changing the subject.

You said you didn’t even like the sex. Or some such… And now you want to speak about marriage. Isn’t sex important for you? And if you can’t enjoy it with me, why do you even want this?

That’s because you’re not adventurous enough. You always want to do one thing and that only. There’s more to life than just one position Ravi.

And all you want is sex, sex sex. What about accepting me as a person who does things for you?

Fuck you. You always want me to go down on you and you don’t ever do it to me.

That’s because I don’t like it. You can’t force me to do something I don’t.

And yet, I’m supposed to do everything? So typically male. And the moment my hands go to your…

Can we speak about this at home. We have someone else with us.

HE DOESN’T UNDERSTAND OUR FUCKING LANGUAGE and once we go home, you’ll want to sleep. It’s all you want. And you don’t want to talk about us ever. Why don’t you just say you don’t like me and we can move the fuck on?

This is frustrating, Neetu. I can’t make a decision in 6 months and I can’t keep having sex with you if that’s the only thing that makes for a good relationship according to you.

Aren’t you being an absolute idiot? What is wrong with you? Don’t you have any shame or the balls to just say what you really feel like so the two of us can move on?

Sir, we’ve reached Jayangar. Your total bill is 89 rupees. If you don’t mind, can i stop here? Else, I’ll have to make a U turn and cross the road again… That’ll take me an additional 10 minutes. Only if you don’t mind. Your destination is right across the road.

Errr… Sure, ok… Erm… no problem… We’ll get down…. Ok… Thanks…. You know English?

Yes sir, i graduated in Science. Driving Uber in my part time so I can make some money and study further.


*pays, steps out.*

I think we’re done Neetu. Bye.

Fuck off, Ravi. And for the record, I faked most of my orgasms.



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