How to make a career in marketing, and earn lots of monies 😝

If you’re a brand storyteller, and understand the trajectory of tech, you’re likely to be perpetually employable — and a highly lucrative asset for any org.

I suspect 99% of careers are stuck in this role. It’s what companies are doing from age immemorial, and nothing seems to have changed. This makes it hard to hire, even harder for folks to build out strong content careers. But here’s one way to escape this black hole:

Step 1: Research an industry

Pick any industry. Delve deep. Take foodtech. Read about the economics of foodtech. Understand the big players in each country. In China, this is Meituan. They’re a listed company. Pick their annual report, read it. Obsess over their Average Order Values, revenues, why these numbers matter. Read about the future of foodtech — substack, newsletters et al.

Step 2: Tweet/write about it obsessively

As you’re researching and learning, put this information out to the public. Let your peers judge you, mock you, maybe some might correct you, help you learn more. Foolish for a day, wiser forever. Put your body of work on the internet, and you will end up learning more about it. Slow at first, faster eventually.

Step 3: Consistency compounds: predict patterns, form opinions

As you gain domain knowledge, you will be in a position to weigh-in, and form an opinion. Some of these will be backed by facts, some will be crystal ball gazing. Either way, you get sharper in your understanding of an industry, and knowledge about it. Ruthless prioritisation about that industry makes you a niche master at it.

Step 4: Pick a new industry

You’ve read about foodtech. You’ve written about foodtech. You’ve opinions and can engage with anyone on foodtech. Good. You’re now someone who has domain knowledge, and strong writing experience. Pick another industry. Credit cards in fintech. Gig economy. Passion economy. Crypto.

Step 5: Reach out, apply

If you have a body of work that shows curiosity, you’re already among the top 1% of solid content writers. When I hire, I want to see how curious a candidate is. How much do they probe a story. Writing style can be edited, but the innate curiosity to fish a story out, simply can’t.



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Adithya Venkatesan

Adithya Venkatesan


Brand Marketer. Twitter: @adadithya. Travel fanatic. Wildlife lover. Voracious reader. Cenosillicaphobic. Logophile. Past: @gojektech @reuters @ACJIndia