Decoding UI/UX of India’s food delivery apps


The opening screen. (Location turned off)

VERDICT: A tie between Swiggy and Uber Eats.

The opening screen. (Location turned on)

VERDICT: Zomato.

Fun fact: Notice how Zomato (568) and Swiggy (378) boast on the number of restaurants on the app and Uber Eats has not? 😂

Search: I know what I want

VERDICT: Swiggy + Uber Eats

Search: Specific food in a restaurant (1)

Payments — The last mile

Zomato: The payment flow is simple, and Zomato remembers your last payment mode and sticks to it. I have Paytm configured and it always defaults to Paytm — which is a good thing. I’m unlikely to change.

Discovery — What’s cooking?

VERDICT: Zomato + Swiggy

HELP! SOS — Fly in my food

Verdict: Zomato + Swiggy



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Adithya Venkatesan

Adithya Venkatesan


Brand Marketer. Twitter: @adadithya. Travel fanatic. Wildlife lover. Voracious reader. Cenosillicaphobic. Logophile. Past: @gojektech @reuters @ACJIndia